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Age 18 to 55
Sex Male or Female
Conditons Migraine
Locations Sandspur Clinic

Do you suffer from Migraines?

Volunteers are needed for a new study!

Migraine is one of the leading causes of disease burden with approximately 40 million people in the United States and 1 billion people worldwide affected, making migraine the third most prevalent illness and second most disabling neurologic condition in terms of years lost to disability globally. Women are disproportionately impacted by migraine, at a rate approximately 3 times that of men, and approximately 28 million women suffer from migraine in the United States. Furthermore, 85% of chronic migraine patients are women.

ClinCloud is looking for volunteers with migraines for a new research study of an investigational migraine medication. To qualify, you must:

  • Be 18 to 55 years of age
  • Have been experiencing monthly migraines for at least one year
  • Have 2 to 8 moderate to severe migraines per month

Qualified participants will receive study medication and care. Compensation for time and travel may be available. To learn more or schedule an appointment, complete the form below.


Migraine Pre-Screening Questionnaire